My New Products [Asp.Net Multi Image Uploader and Resizer]

Easily upload multiple high quality images. Create thumbnail images and unique file names for your images. Set your custom upload button. Upload 1 or more image at the same time. For this you need to change UploadCount variable. Change the quality of uploaded images. Use your own File Upload controls and buttons. Live Demo Read Me [PDF] [BUY] Read more →

New Windows 7 64 Bit

3 days before i started to use win7 64bit, it is really fast and stably.  I found this keyboard shortcuts for fast use 😉 Master List of Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts (Mar 09) Managing Windows [Win+M] – Minimize all open windows [Win+Shift+M] – Undo all window minimization [Win+D] :- Toggle showing the desktop [Windows+Up] – Maximize window [Windows+Down] – Minimize… Read more →